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Concrete Resurfacing / Coatings

Reimagine dull, cracked, and crumbling concrete into showstopping modern marvels with our previous concrete resurfacing and coating projects showcased in these images. We have transformed dated garage floors into surfaces glittering like diamonds using gorgeous quartz and epoxy-flecked finishes. You can browse photos of tired pool surrounds altered into glowing in Caribbean blues or crisp graphite hues while still providing needed slip resistance. Classic tiled kitchen backsplashes are transformed into magnificent metallic copper works of art or sleek polished stone. You will see stunning carved and stamped overlay effects turning mundane concrete stairs, columns, countertops, driveways, and more into uniquely textured and contoured focal features indoors and out. With our vast experience refinishing concrete of every shape and size using leading brand systems, you will realize that no job is too dull or damaged for our crews. We handle proper prep, specialized coatings, creative designs, metallic pigments, seamless repairs, and top-tier protectants. Our portfolio will re-spark ideas of what’s possible by resurfacing your existing concrete rather than tear-outs.
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